Our wonderful Mrs Saunders, we are so pleased that you’re well and teaching our children again. Thank you for supporting my child through a difficult time. I’m truly grateful. He’s so much more settled also in school since your return.
Thank you to Miss K and Mrs Oliver for taking care of my son. You’re putting things in place to support us and I am delighted with this much needed support. Reaching out to you has been a blessing for us. Thank you for all that you do to support our SEN children and all our families at How Wood Primary School. Year 3 Parent

Dear Mrs Rowe, This letter comes from the Tuesday Fellowship group at Park Street Baptist Church to thank your pupils very much for the lovely bags of Harvest gifts they sent us a week ago. The hand made cards in them were beautiful and greatly appreciated. Tuesday Fellowship 

A terrific and thoroughly enjoyable Harvest Festival today. Lovely reading and wonderful singing by the children. Great job How Wood Primary School! Year 6 Parent

This is just a note of appreciation following our daughter’s fairly recent start at How Wood. Since joining How Wood, she has felt welcome, secure and confident. She has secured lovely friendships and skips into school every day. We are all quick to find the time to complain but we often forget to take two minutes to show our appreciation. So thank you to you and to your staff for making primary school a better journey for our daughter. Year 4 Parent

Dear Mrs Rowe, A quick note to wish you and all the staff a very Happy Teachers Day. Can I please pass a special thank you to Mrs Sykes and Ms Baldock for always working so hard to support Carmen in her learning journey. Carmen always skips into school and is so happy and this is a reflection on the staff who work with her. A little mention to Shaun who is so welcoming to the children in the morning and takes his time to say good morning to every child by name. A skill in itself remembering all the names!  Year 3 Parent

We would like to thank the organisers and all visitors for such a great fair last Saturday. It was an amazing and memorable event and it was great to see so many families. Thanks to everyone, we were able to raise £50 that will be sent to our home town to help the people of Ukraine. We appreciate all the support and kindness we have received in How Wood and the United Kingdom. With love Sasha and Iryna Kovalenko

I would like to say a huge Thank you to the PTA and staff for putting on a fantastic Summer Fair. It was clear to see the effort of all involved. We are very grateful and we had a great day. I would also like to mention the dedication of parents James and Lisa Fisher, for always supplying the amazing DJ skills. Their effort and time they donate is phenomenal. We are blessed to have them at our wonderful school. I would also like to say Thank you to the teachers for such a detailed report. Having parents whom were teachers, I know how much time and effort goes into each report. Well done How Wood School. Thank you all so much for a fantastic year at school. Your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated. Wishing you all a fabulous summer holiday. Miss Wright

Thank you also for having us in your wonderful school, it was a privilege to spend the day visiting different classes and seeing how your children responded to the sessions – they are a credit it to you! Please thank them from me. Also please thank your lovely staff team, who were so friendly and welcoming, for allowing us to see their classes in action and join your staff meeting. Head Teacher from a local school

Mrs Rowe, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the welcome you gave us today. The training was inspirational and your classes wonderful. Please do say thank you to the children and staff, they did you proud. Colleague from a local school

Wow! What a sports day! It was absolutely brilliant. So well organised, activities to suit all children and due to your flexibility with nursery I could see both my children complete their first sports day. Thank you to Mrs Barnes for arranging this event (not an easy task!), Carly/PTA for running refreshments, all of How Wood staff supporting the smooth running of the event and the KS2 helpers that ran the activities. What a team!  Year 1 Parent

We would like to send a message of appreciation to the PTA please! They’ve been doing such a fab job. Year 2 & Year 5 Parents

Dear Parents & Carers, I would like to say a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!’ for the generosity shown towards the family in Reception Class, following a house fire. Together, parents, carers and school staff raised £522 to go towards replacing some of the family’s belongings that were destroyed in the fire. The How Wood School community is one of kindness and care and at times like this, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be part of it. Thank you all. Mrs Cynthia Rowe

Thank you Mrs Barnes for helping the kids catch up since lockdown and helping us cover what they’ve missed whilst being off sick since. Excellent job and always with a smile. Year 1 Parent

The systems in place at How Wood are exceptional; not only the way the curriculum is delivered but the way the school communicates with parents … this appears to be down to excellent management and a dedicated, motivated staff body. Year 4 Parent

I would like to thank my whole staff team for their dedication and commitment. They make How Wood School such a wonderful place for our children to learn and even through difficult times, they do this with a smile and genuine kindness.

Thank you all. Mrs Rowe



Just a quick thank you message to Mrs Walker for organising Ukulele lessons for Y5, so very kind of her. Our daughter couldn’t stop talking about her first lesson and how much she enjoyed it. Year 5 Parents


I would just like to say how impressed I was at seeing Mr Illori teaching Y1 P.E I was able to watch from a far when waiting to collect my daughter from nursery. Mr Illori had such a positive manner with the students; he knew all their names by heart, the children were fully engaged in the lesson and it was clear that all the children were developing their sporting skills and gamesmanship. Such an impressive lesson! Nursery Parent


I wanted to say a big Thank You to Mrs Loftus, Mrs Warner and Mrs Shadbolt. They all have done an amazing Job in helping my son improve his handwriting.

It was so lovely last Friday when Mrs Loftus said she wanted to show us a piece of his work after school. Mrs Loftus showed us our son’s work and also spent time showing us the improvement he has made since starting How Wood.

Both my husband and I appreciate the time spent with us but also the time and work in helping our son with his writing. Year 2 Parent


I just wanted to drop a quick email to say how wonderful the Year 4 assembly was today. It was nice to see the children excited to show the amazing work they’ve done and the uplifting music played was great!

Since my daughter has started at How Wood her confidence has grown so much. Every day she is excited to tell me what she’s done at school and she is really enjoying all the topics and showing such interest in her learning!

I wanted to say thank you and express how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort made by everyone at the school. Year 4 Parent


We would like to say a heart felt thank you for absolutely everything you and the teaching staff have done for our boys since starting at How Wood. One of the things that drew us to the school when we first visited, was the real community feel that is present. How Wood school really is a special place and we are sad to leave the school community. The teaching staff are quite simply ‘outstanding’ in every sense of the word. All members of staff go above and beyond to provide the best environment for the children-academic and pastoral. The school has strong leadership, resulting in happy staff and happy children. Parents of Nursery and Year 1 Children


I just wanted to pass on my sincere appreciation for the efforts of the staff (and other Governors) in helping the PTA make the disco such a success. It is fantastic that it is a true PTA with such strong staff involvement and visibility at these events. We truly appreciate their dedication and enthusiasm especially coming out of COVID where all social events are that bit more chaotic! Parents of KS1 & Year 2

Can I just say how amazing the children did at remembrance parade and how proud I felt to see our school there paying their respects.

You should feel very proud! Year 4 Parent


A huge thank you to Mrs Shadbolt for working so hard with my son at handwriting club. He thoroughly enjoys it  and thinks you are AMAZING! Year 2 Parent


Thank you so much Mrs Parkins for organising a fantastic Harvest Festival. It was such a delightful festival filled with wonderful readings and singing by all the children. It warmed my heart to watch all the children together after the challenging times. Well done Mrs Parkins and all the pupils. Year 2 Parent


Dear Mrs Rowe

I would like to send a warm and big thank you to you and your fantastic team, for making it through these challenging times with a smile and positive attitude – this is what inspires my kids to learn and stay happy at How Wood School. I would like to pass a BIG thank you to Miss Walker, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Loftus and Mrs Shadbolt for all the support my children received this year. I appreciate the support and effort that were put into making them positive, happy and eager to learn. Year 2 & Year 4 Parent


Dear Mrs Rowe, It was wonderful to visit your school and to see for myself the fabulous work you and your staff are doing on race equality. I was impressed by the inclusivity of your learning environment and your vibrant and culturally rich displays and resources. Thank you very much for making me so welcome. It was an inspiring visit.”

Rachel Macfarlane

Director of Education Services

Herts for Learning Ltd


Dear Mrs Rowe,

My daughter often tells us about many great activities she’s being doing at school and how she enjoys going to this school 🙂 She really appreciates what’s being done for her. We think that’s the best compliment a child can give to those who lead and run the place.

So thank you to you and your staff for doing brilliant job:)

Many thanks Year 4 Parents


Dear Mrs Rowe

I just wanted to send thanks and recognition to Mr Dynes.

I’ve seen him every morning welcoming every single child by name, saying ‘good morning’ to each of them and I just think it’s just so wonderful that he knows all their names and is treating each child with so much respect and with a smile. He is also the same with all the parents too. Year 4 Parents


Mrs Barnes has made a real difference to our daughter’s learning journey and social life at school. She has formed a beautiful relationship with her and has helped her to feel included, confident and willing to try new things. Thank you Mrs Barnes for going the extra mile and always with a big smile and positivity.

What an amazing teacher. Year 1 Parent


A massive heartfelt thanks to the Year Two teaching team, Mrs Saunders, Mrs Loftus, Mrs Shadbolt and Mrs Milne, who have been helping my son through a period of worry. They have spent time reassuring him, comforting him when he was upset and taken time to speak with me in detail about what they have done to help him, and how we can work together to help him. Year 2 Parent



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