Welcome to Year 6’s class page

Our Teacher is Miss Nixon

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wright

Our SEN PPG Support Assistant is Mrs Viner

Our current Year 6 Curriculum overview:  Year 6 Spring with BV new

Our Year 6 Topic Web:  Year 6 Topic Web Spring 2022

Parent Booklet: Year 6 Parent Booklet Autumn 2021

Our PE days are Wednesday, where the children will learn all the skills needed to use the outdoor gym equipment and develop their fitness skills and the children go swimming at Haberdashers School on Thursday.

We ask that children bring their PE kits into school on a Monday and take them home on a Friday to be washed. As PE is this half term is outside please make sure your child has suitable PE clothing to keep them warm..


Reading books need be in school everyday. We do whole class guided reading at least four days a week and there are daily opportunities for the children to read their own books from home or from the class or school library.

Reading Book List: Books for Year 6 pupils aged 10-11 in KS2 | School Reading List

Home Learning

Our Home Learning is sent home on a Friday and due in the following Thursday.



Certificates have been awarded to the following children:


I am so impressed with your attitude to learning algebra. You have embraced the pictorial representations to help you see the patterns and solve increasingly tricky equations using formulas. Keep up the good work!


Your graphic novel of Alma was amazing! You thought carefully about how to convey the action of the film clip within your images. I love the expressions you gave the characters because your pictures really do speak a thousand words.


You were a star during sports day. Your unfailing support of all the children taking part in the egg and spoon race was a joy to see, and commented on by so many adults. I know your encouragement meant everything, and the beaming smiles as they reached you at the end proved it.

KINDNESS AWard – adam ma

You were an absolute star during Mrs Wright’s RE lesson. You selflessly decided to help your fellow class mates who were finding making the Obon Lantern tricky. You modelled the steps and then patiently made sure they were following them correctly. I love the fact you took it upon yourself to help without being asked.


headteacher’s award

Zach, Adam B, Henry, Jude, Emily, Aiden C, Adyan, Millie, Oscar D, Alex, Joe G, Luke, Ciaran, Lydia, Kaiyon, Oscar L, Harry, Arkell, Adam M, Albert, Adam MA, Lyla, Sophie, Ruben, Joseph, Chloe, Lexi, Gautham.


Bronze certificates – Well done on achieving 10 merits!

Zach, Adam B, Henry, Jude, Emily, Aiden C, Adyan, Millie, Oscar D, Alex, Joe G, Luke, Ciaran, Lydia, Kaiyon, Oscar L, Harry, Arkell, Adam M, Albert, Adam MA, Lyla, Sophie, Ruben, Joseph, Chloe, Lexi, Gautham.


silver certificates – Well done on achieving 20 merits!

Zach, Adam B, Henry, Jude, Emily, Aiden C, Adyan, Millie, Oscar D, Alex, Joe G, Luke, Ciaran, Lydia, Kaiyon, Oscar L, Harry, Arkell, Adam M, Albert, Adam MA, Lyla, Sophie, Ruben, Joseph, Chloe, Lexi, Gautham.


gold certificates – well done on achieving 30 merits!

Oscar L, Oscar D, Kaiyon, Chloe, Henry, Arkell, Emily, Adam MA, Ruben, Lyla, Sophie, Adam M, Lydia, Joseph, Alex


platinum certificates – well done on achieving 40 merits

Oscar L


Half Term Highlights

The End of an Era

Well we made it through a full year and what a year it has been. We finished on a high with a wonderful play – Let the Games Begin and our class assembly highlighting our memories but also looking forward to our future selves. All I can say Year 6 is you are amazing and I know that (in your words) you are going to ‘smash’ secondary school. I wish you the best of luck and a bright and happy future. You will be missed!

Agricultural Day

We had a wonderful day out with learning all about farming. We got to make fruit kebabs, plant tomatoes and seeds, make our own fruit smoothie using pedal power, sample cheese and strawberries, learn about bees, ride on a tractor and watch a sheep show. It was fantastic!


World War Two Cookery

We have been using recipes from the World War Two ration book for our DT Cookery topic. So far we have made apple crumble and carrot cookies.


Graphic Novels

We have been busy creating our own graphic novels  and picture books based on the short animation Alma.

Jubilee Celebrations

As you can see we made our own crowns, flags and decorated a Jubilee plate. We think they are fantastic. Don’t you?


Residential Trip – Isle of Wight

We had an amazing time at the Isle of Wight.



End of SATs Party

For the first time in two years, we have completed a SATs week. The children did brilliantly and gave every test their all. We had a well deserved party on Friday. A mountain of food, paper airplane challenges and a wonderful game of rounders.


Show Racism the Red Card

We were lucky enough to be invited to take part in a workshop at Watford Football Club to Show Racism the Red card. We discussed stereotyping and why it happens; different religions and cultures and how to stand up to racism. We then took part in a Q &A session with two female football players, one male player and on ex player. We got to ask them questions and listened thoughtfully to their answers. It was a thought provoking afternoon, and we learnt a lot.


Milestone Living Museum

We had a fantastic trip o Milestones Museum in Basingstoke to learn about the Victorian Era. We took part in two workshops; one learning about metal works and machinery and the other was a Victorian school (with a very strict teacher). The behaviour of the class was impeccable and they enjoyed looking around the replica buildings and vehicles. Most of all, they enjoyed the old time pier games and buying a bag of Victorian pennies to play them.


Spiderwick Field Guide Work

We are coming to the end of our English topic on the Spiderwick Field Guide. We have produced some amazing pieces of writing and loved finding out about all the different creatures in his fantastical world. So far we have learnt about brownies. boggarts, treefolk, merfolk, trolls, changelings and sea serpents. We have written letters, character descriptions, warnings, newspaper reports, non-chronological reports and drawn detailed diagrams.



More Marvellous Maths

We have combined our Computing topic with our maths learning to work on statistics. We used Google Sheets to create bar and pie charts from data we had been given. This involved us inputting the information into the correct cells, choosing a graph and making sure we had all the correct information such as headings, scales and labels.


We then researched some famous attractions to find our the entry price for a family using formulas. We are going to compare them and their journey times using line graphs.


Reach Out for Refugees

We spent Monday thinking about the refugees in the world. We learnt what a refugee was and how we could help them feel welcome. We wrote messages of support, hope and kindness to welcome them to he United Kingdom and to let them know we support them and want to help.

We discussed the conflict in Ukraine. To show our support for the people of Ukraine we made a sunflower, which is the national flower. Wore yellow and blue clothing and hung up yellow and blue ribbons on the school gate to show the colours of their national flag.


Virtual Reality Space Workshop

We were lucky enough to take part in a Virtual Reality Space Workshop on Friday. We travelled round the universe to a variety of planets all while sitting in the hall. It was out of this world.


Marvellous Maths

We are working on developing our geometry and measurement skills. We have used protractors to measure angles and draw 2D shapes. Then we worked out the area and perimeter. Now we are looking at volume and 3D shapes.



Home Learning

Home Learning is set every Friday in our CGP books, which will be used for our SATs practise. The children have reading, SPaG and maths books, and the pages which need to be completed will be highlighted each week. The children will be set spellings on Spelling Shed, which will be tested on Fridays in a dictation. They are also expected to read every day at home and record their reading in their Reading Record.

Useful Links and Things to KNow

Children are asked to bring in their own water bottles which will be returned home every day to be cleaned.

Personal items, such as toys or Pokemon cards, are not allowed in school to avoid things being lost.

Children are expected to have their own pencil case with coloured pencils, felt tip pens, glue stick, pencil, sharpener and eraser. A handwriting pen and red pen will be provided by the school.

Trainers are needed for outdoor sports.


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Times Tables Rock Stars Login: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

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