Welcome to Year 1’s Class Page

Our teacher is: Mrs. Barnes 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Croucher and  Miss Bruce 

Our PE days are Thursday and  Friday . Children come into school in uniform and will change in school.

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Celebration Certificates this week!



Diwali Workshops

We had so much fun learning all about Diwali through two special workshops. In the first we made our own Diya Lamps which we got to take home. Next half term we are learning more about this magical festival of light. 

Here we are enjoying our dance workshop



R.E Learning

In RE we have been thinking about the world and how it is special. The children have made their own stars of the things they are thankful of in the world…


They have also been reading a book in Guided Reading all about Greta Thunberg and found out why she is a special and important person in helping to look after the world…







The children have been working super hard with their writing, sometimes we write in their books and sometimes they learn outside. Here are two different groups completing their phonics learning outside on the playground.



Sceince – Animals including humans

The children have been learning all about different animal groups and have created a display together of lots of different animals. They then added labels to explain which group the animals fit into.

Do you know which are; birds, fish, mammals, amphibians or reptiles?


Poo Investigation…

Our Science this week has taken the form of experimenting with something rather stinky…. The children had to inspect the animal poo (aka brown playdough!) and decide if the animals diet was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore! Here we are being safe with our gloves on and using our poo sticks. 


Senses Learning


This second half term we have moved our science learning onto thinking about our senses. Last week we experimented on how we could change sounds to make them sound quieter and louder. This week we experimented with different tastes. We had to try different foods and had to decide if they were sweet, salty, bitter or sour.  Here we are testing the foods – lots of us did not like the bitter taste of the (decaf) coffee. Some of us liked the sour lemon and lime, although some of us did not. Can you work our who was enjoying which taste?

Reading: Children bring home a levelled reading book based on their phonics level as well as a library book of their choice each week. We change their school reading books frequently throughout the week. We expect the children to be reading a minimum of three times a week to an adult at home and we monitor this through their reading records weekly. We encourage and promote a love of reading, please see the link below for the top 100 reads for a Year 1 child:






Key points to know as a parent new to year 1:

  • Children need a water bottle with water (no juice please) every day.
  • Children are provided with snacks but may bring their own piece of fruit or a fruit-based bar, breadsticks, or rice cakes if they would like to bring their own.
  • All children need a book back – no rucksacks please as they do not fit in our book bag boxes.
  • Reading books have gone home today and must be in school every day. All children need to read at least 3 times a week, but the more you can do the better.
  • PE days are  Monday and Friday but PE kits must be in school every day in case our PE day changes at short notice. They will be returned home every Friday to be washed.
  • In Year 1 the children are expected to change for PE independently, can you practice this skill at home with them, including turning their clothes out the right way, doing their socks, and taking their tops off.