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Our teacher is Mrs Reed and Mrs Dawes (Monday)

Our Nursery Nurse is Mrs Thompson

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Sheen

Hours of Nursery 9am-12pm  or 9am-3pm

 READING:  We encourage and promote a love of reading, please see the link below for the top 100 reads for a Nursery child. Saturating your child in language helps develop a wide range of vocabulary and helps promote listening skills. These are the titles of some books we read in Nursery: The Little Red Hen, The Gingerbread Man, Someone Bigger, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, The Very hungry Caterpillar and The 3 Little Pigs. These texts are used as a focus for several weeks culminating in the children retelling the story in their own words.

Our Medium Term plan for Spring Term Nursery MTP Up in the air and down on the ground Spring 2



Friday 22nd July 2022

What a wonderful year we have had together. So many memories made. Here are a few photos from our amazing Nursery Year.

Love Mrs Reed x


We have been learning about ‘all creatures great and small’ and this week we were all very excited to have Emily and her animals visit us in school. The children had the opportunity to hold Monty the snake, Gary the Giant African snail and Randall the skink. Even those children who were initially a bit nervous all had a stroke or a hold of an animal!

What a great Sports Day we had this week! Well done to the children ( and parents!)

We all had a fabulous time on our school trip! For some of the children it was their first time on a coach and a Steam Train!

What a wonderful end to this half term – celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! We have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth and her life being a Queen.  We made red, white and blue biscuits, painted our jubilee plates and make flags and crowns!

We ended the week with Jubilee Celebrations – All wearing our best clothes and having a picnic on the field.


The sun is shining and we are making the most of being outside and planting in the garden area. We have all planted beans in pots in the classroom and also have planted some outside. We talked about what a plant needs to grow and are making sure when it doesn’t rain we give the plants a good drink. We also had lots of fun with sticky weed!

Welcome Back Nursery! This term’s theme is Traditional Tales! We started with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have had such fun testing different porridges and making Teddy toast! We made Bear and goldilocks headbands too!

We also found a wasp nest in our outdoor shed, the children looked so carefully at it and we talked about the hexagon shape inside. We were delighted to see the children take this into their learning and make the same pattern with the magnetic shapes!

Well another busy term has ended! This week has been all about Easter. The children have loved making Easter nests and learning parts of the Easter story. We cut out palm leaves and waved them, just like the story. The week ended with a wonderful Easter Egg hunt for the children, arranged by the PTA. Thank you. Have a fabulous Easter break.

Monday 21st March Nursery took part in Reach
out for Refugees Day. We watched an assembly and talked about how it must feel to
leave your home and possibly country because it was no longer safe.
The children made orange hearts because this is the colour of
the REFUGEE Flag and the teachers then scribed messages from them to all refugee
children. The messages were sincere and heart-warming and showed that already How
Wood Nursery children have a real sense of community and empathy. We also joined the whole school and tied blue and yellow ribbons on the school gates in support of the many displaced families in the Ukraine.

Later on in the week we had the amazing Electric Umbrella in and we all joined in with their song ‘There’s no such thing as normal.’

What an exciting week we’ve had! We had mechanic Pete in showing the children how an engine works and different parts of a car. The children listened so well and loved watched the car going up on the jack.

As part of our maths this week we have been looking at classification – we looked at how we sort and arrange things in the class.  The children worked well together arranging the playdough equipment into different trays with lots of purposeful discussion around what goes where and why!


World Book Day 2022

What a fabulous Day we had – Thank you to Miss Nixon for helping to arrange this for the school. As you can see the children all dressed up as their favourite book character – don’t we look great! We also made bookmarks, watched some of the story videos the parents sent in and did shared reading with the older children in the school. Great job everyone!


We ended the week on sunshine – after rain, hail, wind and even a flutter of snow! We went on a ‘signs of Spring’ walk and were amazed with how many things we saw. Keep looking out for any new signs of Spring when you are out and about and send the photos in on Google Classroom.



So the end of another half term…where does the time go? I’m am thrilled that the children are mostly back and all well – onwards and upwards.

This week has been ‘feeling good week,’

We talked about emotions, what makes us happy and sad, made happy face pizzas, all thought about each other and talked about the things that make us unique.

We also had a go a sewing – learning a new skill and tried circuit training in PE. Such a wonderful way to end the half term!

Our display to end the ‘Feeling Good’ week! ❤


A fun-filled week for us all in Nursery! We celebrated Lunar New Year on Tuesday, the children dressed in red and gold and sampled stir-fry with prawns crackers – yummy! We made a very long duplo ‘Great Wall of China’ and retold the story of the Great Race!

The rest of the week has been storytelling week – we all listened to a story from Nigeria about the strongest man in the world!

Next week it’s our ‘feeling good’ week – with lots of lovely activities planned around the key concepts of this week!

Happy New Year! What a great way to start back to school – a wonderful superhero WOW day! The children had such fun learning about different superpowers and pretending to be superheroes with all different kinds of powers!!

We are continuing this theme for the next few weeks as the children are so excited and engaged.

The children in action during the day!

So we are nearing the end of what has been a wonderful first term here in How Wood Nursery. Over the weeks we have got to know the children so well, and they have amazed us with how happy and settled they are.
As you can see from the photos below, the past couple of weeks have been full on Christmas Fun – our fantastic Christmas Assembly, Trip to the Panto, Christmas Dinner and of course our Christmas Party and pass the parcel! Seeing Christmas through the eyes of the children IS really what it’s all about – absolute excitement, wonder and magic!
Nursery have had another busy week! On Monday it was Hanukkah. The children had the chance to have a Hanukkah style dinner with fish fingers, Latkes and doughnuts for pudding – Yum!
Mrs Dawes introduced the children to Hanukkah and read Hanukkah Bear and taught them how to play Dreidel! Later on in the week we were lucky to have Mrs Jayson light the Hanukkah Menorah in front of the children and read a story to them based on how Jewish children celebrate Hanukkah. The children were delighted to have a small doughnut to remember the Hanukkah miracle.
The children have also been learning about the changing seasons and experiencing winter in our EYFS outdoor area! Cold nights mean lots of ice to play with the following day!
On Monday 15th Nursery marked the start of Antibullying week with a story… The Lion that liked to Love. Leo the Lion is very different to the other lions and so he is rejected by his Pride… But he wins the hearts of so many with his kindness and helpful ways that when he gets into trouble one day all the animals rush to help him. They want him as leader and his Pride realise the mistake they made and beg him to come back home.
After the story we thought about the kind words we know and kind things you can say about other people. We wrote some down together.

We also had a visit from both the Police and Fire Service as part of our ‘Community Heroes’ theme. The children liked trying on the different uniforms!

Well 2 weeks in and look at what we’ve been doing? We’ve had lots of different festivals and special times to celebrate in Nursery. We helped open a delivery of new play equipment and tested it out in class! We also had a walk around the school and looked for members of staff that help us.





What a fantastic first half term Nursery Class have had! We finished off the week with exploring pumpkins and Autumn – PE in the hall, making pumpkin biscuits and then today we all wore red to ‘show racism the red card.’ The children listened so very well to Mrs Rowe talking about her family and her life. It was lovely seeing so many of you at Parents evening too. Have a good half term and see you on November 1st.

The children had a great start to the week – sports clothes and feeling good activities! They enjoyed dancing with Mrs Thompson and Making their high 5 hands!

We read ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ this week and had different vegetables on the tough spot for the children to explore. We then made vegetable soup (with new vegetables) and the children impressed us all by trying something different!

We also talked about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and the children had a great activity where they used toothbrushes to clean ‘dirty’ teeth!

We have been exploring all things autumn this week! We went on an autumn walk and found spiders webs and mushrooms in the ‘secret’ garden! The children have been making the most of the beautiful sunshine – playing outside as much as possible!

We also took our listening ears on a walk to see if we could identify different environmental sounds!


What a fabulous start the children have had to life at How Wood School! The sun has been shining and we have been making the most of being outside! The children are already forging friendships and making relationships with all of the Staff in EYFS!


Home Learning

Children are welcome to choose a book to take home weekly. Sharing a book is a good habit to get into as it is a fabulous way for children to become interested in reading as well as develop early reading skills.

As the year progresses we begin to send home little tasks and activities that reinforce the learning your child has had at school.

Useful links and things to know

Children are asked to bring in their own water bottles. Please name these so they easily identifiable for your child.

Personal items, such as toys are not allowed in school to avoid things being lost. There will be occasions where we do show and tell so they can bring things in then.

Some ideas to help at home:

Phonic games for children: Letters and Sounds and Phonics Play

Cbeebies: for children
Top Marks: resources for parents