Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at How Wood Primary School & Nursery is thoughtfully adapted to meet the needs of the children at our school.  Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure best practice and is designed to be relevant and meaningful for all our children. Our approach to learning is to encourage curiosity, ignite ambition and inspire children to engage with past and current global thinking.

This year the merging of History and Geography to Topic has provided the platform to create learning that is culturally rich, diverse and engaging for our children. We are currently revising our Music, Art and Design & Technology provision to strengthen the links with Topic. We aim to deepen and broaden our children’s learning experience through building a greater narrative of their learning journey and understanding of the world.

We strive to ensure that all children are represented in our curriculum and continue to develop subject content that enriches our children’s cultural capital. We endeavour to provide opportunities for all children to ‘see themselves’ within our curriculum and our school environment so that they have a true sense of belonging, allowing them to be secure, achieve and thrive. At How Wood School, we believe the power of storytelling, in its many forms, is a wonderful way to achieve this.

Stories are the roots and shoots of our very being. They are how we learn to relate, remember, and grow. The best stories allow us to blossom. When we do not see ourselves reflected in the stories around us, or when our stories are withheld, or excluded, we cannot feel a sense of belonging. We are neither at home with ourselves, in our communities, or in our institutions. I privilege the stories that allow us all to be seen and heard. When a story speaks to us, it is because we have found something of ourselves in that story.

Samantha Adams

Dramatherapist & Storyteller